Our store is conveniently located opposite Checkers in the lower shopping level 3 and designed to be a denim haven for that client who wants the widest available range of men's casual wear, ranging from tee shirts, jeans, sneakers, headgear and track suits.   

Our mission is simple, and born from the same ethos of our sister stores ANGELINO. Provide our clients with a no mess, no fuss approach to the best available men's casual gear, at the best price ….guaranteed.

We have created a great mix of product that is meant to be up to date with the latest trends and demands of our younger market. Specifically in the Mall of Africa we have ensured that we are the sole stockist of all our brands in the mall, enjoying exclusive stocking rights to the most sought after international casual brands like ROSSIMODA, S.P.C.C, BEN SHERMAN, and US POLO.

We have also extended our product line to include certain higher end international brands like MONDO AND RAZZA to cover the need of our clients from both ends of the spending spectrum.

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